Every year, major retailers including Wal-Mart, Costco, and Target are moving away from packaging that can be harmful to the environment and towards recyclable alternative.

By implementing products into the marketplace that have the smallest impact to our environment, World Color is making decision today that will make for a better tomorrow.

Flexible Pouches

Pouches have become one of the fastest growing categories in retail packaging today.  Their distinct branding statement allows for endless printing possibilities and the development of unique shapes.  This packaging option gives your brand an edge in the production area and market place.

Along with their marketing edge, pouches also reduce costs by using less material than an equivalent sized plastic bottle.  Environmentally, pouches take up less landfill space relative to their plastic alternative since they are flat when empty.  However, the real savings become apparent in the initial transporting of the pouches where they can be shipped flat, saving a massive amount of transportation and storage space.

WASTE:  In comparison between a 187ml bottle and a 187ml pouch, it was found that the pouch generated 40% less material.

Weight:  The pouch weighs 20 times less than the bottle and uses far less material and takes up far less space than a bottle.

ENERGY SAVINGS:  The pouch uses much less energy to produce than a bottle.

LOWER CARBON DIOXIDE FOOTPRINT:  The pouch has a much lower CO2 footprint than a bottle.

RECYCLING: The pouch can be incinerated and the resultant energy captured for new usage.


As a manufacturer’s representative, World Color is able to provide a sustainable and beautiful alternative to clamshell packaging.  Using less plastic, while providing the perfect blend of strength and function, it is safe and easy to open.  These are available in all Club Store sizes and options, including fluted and NON-Fluted configuration.

Outer-pack:  100% Recyclable

Inner-pack:  RPET blister and Recycled Paperboard Backing