Contract Assembly

Contract assembly is one of the core competencies of World Color.  Hand assembly and value-added services are quickly becoming one of the most requested services at World Color.  Many hand assembly operations are considered on-demand service or likewise is a value-added service that is ordered dynamically by the client on a one-time or as-needed basis and charged in addition to the base agreement and assumed service detail.  Value-added services provide operational and administrative synergy between other services that historically may have been separate stand-alone operations.  Likewise a value-added service today becomes a basic service when it becomes sufficiently commonplace and widely deployed to no longer provide substantive differentiation on a relative basis.

Value-added services are often outside of the scope of capabilities of the common warehouseman or manufacturer of an item or good.  World Color’s flexible mindset allows for seamless integration of value-added services into our clients base service requirement and ongoing contract assembly requests.

Common contract assembly and value-added-services include:

•    Package Design
•    Kitting & Multi-packaging
•    Custom label application & bar-code generation
•    POS (Point of Sale) display assembly
•    Rework & repacking
•    Quality inspection and sorting services
•    Crisis management